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Jurnal Antropologi: Isu-Isu Sosial Budaya (JANTRO) have been registered with the number ISSN: 2355-5963 (online) and ISSN: 1410-8356 (print). Jurnal Antropologi: Isu-Isu Sosial Budaya (JANTRO) apply peer-reviewed process in selecting high quality article based on scientific research and theoritical by the Laboratory of Anthropology, Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Andalas, Sumatera Barat, Indonesia.

Jurnal Antropologi: Isu-Isu Sosial Budaya (JANTRO) was published to develop and enrich scientific discussion for scholars who put interest on socio-cultural issues in Indonesia. Editors welcome theoretical or research based article submission. Author’s argument doesn’t need to be in line with editors. The criteria of the submitted article covers the following types of article: first, the article presents the results of an ethnographic/qualitative research in certain topic and is related with ethnic/social groups in Indonesia; second, the article is an elaborated discussion of applied and collaborative research with strong engagement between the author and the collaborator’s subject in implementing intervention program or any other development initiative that put emphasizes on social, political, and cultural issues; last, a theoretical writing  that elaborates social and cultural theory linked with the theoretical discourse of anthropology, especially in Indonesia.



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The manuscript must represent original research material, should not have been published before, and should not be under consideration of publication elsewhere. This however does not include previous publication in form of an abstract or as part of published literature (review or thesis). It is the duty of the author to obtain the necessary permissions for extensive quotations, tables, illustrations, or any other copyrighted material they are using in the paper before a paper can be considered for publication.

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