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Personal Success Made Simple

by Rosaria Wetzell (2020-08-07)

Remaining closed to your Personal Success Made Simple emotions Your emotions are your truest and best guidance system - listen to them. Watch yourself for the next month - which of your clients do you love to work with, which bore you to tears. Which areas of your work light you up? How do you do what you do uniquely? Which formats do you love playing in - teleseminars, workshops, one-on-one, large groups, etc. -- and which make you feel shaky and uncomfortable. After you've observed in yourself what you love and what drains you (and what makes you great), make a plan to move forward toward what you love. Or, if you're compelled to pursue something but remain afraid of it, get over that fear, and try it out anyway. But all along the way, learn from your emotions. Being unteachable Be open, and learn, learn, learn. Find several mentors whom you trust, and ask for assistance. Read about people who have made it big in the field you love, and follow their lead (if it feels right). Avoid being overly attached to yourself, to your ego, to how you think this must unfold, and to your own timeline. As far as you can, let go of the "how's" and the "when's" and be very true to yourself, following what you love every day with openness and flexibility. The following are steps that need to be addressed to claim your true niche, and serve it well. Say Yes to! Determining exactly whom you wish to serve It's critical to know exactly whom you wish to serve in your practice or business. Who is your "ideal" client - the individual or group you love to serve and for whom your products and services are a perfect it. If you are unsure about the profile of your ideal client, observe yourself in your work for the next month. Watch closely - which clients or customers do you feel absolutely great interacting with, and which clients make it feel like a struggle. Begin to flesh out all the parameters of an ideal client for you - income, demographic, values, needs, pain points, interests, where you can find them, etc. The clients/customers you love to serve and who make you feel great and successful doing it, are those you are meant to serve.

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