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Success Mastery Academy

by Francene Frayer (2020-07-21)

All this needs to be effectively Success Mastery Academy targeted to increase your income. Ask yourself this question as a mantra, "Will this activity increase my income?" Often you will discover that you are not spending your time on income-producing activities and can shift the attention of your activities. Right action is required to increase your income. Even with a written strategy, it is easy to get distracted by the "next big thing" and find yourself taking actions that will not deliver desired results. The worst part is that we get sucked into someone's hype and run off chasing some other "brilliant" idea. We do not take the time to assess whether or not this new activity fits our strategy or not. We don't look at the cost in time, money and stress. We don't think about it being a suitable effort--at a future time. We don't examine it in the context of our goal to increase our income. We just irrationally jump into the new pursuit without consideration for how that will sabotage our momentum on our goal. This can actually be the toughest of all these characteristics--taking only right actions--taking those actions most likely to increase our income. Continue to ask yourself that question, "Will this action increase my income?" Use this as a mantra to ensure that you choose right actions. There are so many "opportunities" desperately demanding our attention that it takes great fortitude of will to resist. Maintain your focus on right actions and you will accomplish what you desire.

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