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Flow State Training Program

by Regina Fancy (2019-10-18)

A small notepad and pen for taking small notes about certain sensations that you experience.And that is it. Now you are ready to begin your hard and fast five minutes of freedom. Now its time for your meditation instructions.Take a deep breath and then hold it for just a second. During that second think of all your worries, hopes and thoughts that are occupying your mind at this time. When you breath out, allow and imagine them to go out with your breath. Then start your timer. Breath in and out slower than normal. Keep a balanced amount of breath in and out. Try to make it as part of a rhythm. Focus your thoughts on this rhythm and on keeping it. Once your breathing rhythm is down pat to where you really do not have to focus on it to keep it in time, just allow your mind freedom to what ever comes up. Just allow what is happening in your mind to happen. Now if your mind is bringing things up that you are not wanting to think about write it down after the timer goes off. Then try to write down what you think brought it up. That is it your done.Too simple right? Keeping things simple is important you only have five minutes but if you can do this every day then it will slowly begin being your favorite five minutes. It will hopefully become the five minutes of freedom that you will be looking forward to in your day. After a time you can increase it to maybe 8-10 minutes.But keep in mind that you are going to want to take a few moments afterward to write down what comes up and your thoughts and feelings about them. Meditation is a motivational tool and in many ways can help you to find solutions to problems that are completely unrelated. They will just 'come' to you a lot more often when you meditate regularly