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by Jerome Princy (2019-10-18)

If we've been making choices that Leptitox Review are supposedly good for us, like the diet and low-calorie choices we see marketed to us, then shouldn't we be a slimmer and healthier population? There's something missing. The key ingredient that is being dangerously overlooked when making "weight loss" choices is Health. Sounds too simple? Let me explain. Our cells have innate requirements for a healthy expression. If we provide the right ingredients, we meet the requirements of the cells and we have a healthy, balanced, optimal expression. If we do not meet the requirements or we consistently expose our cells to a dangerous environment, we will not have a healthy outcome. Anytime a toxic stimulus is introduced, an intricate response known as the physiological stress response is initiated. This is a neurological, chemical, hormonal response involving the brain, the nervous system and every other system, organ, tissue and cell of the entire body. It's perfect in short-term, acute situations. It's dangerous when the stimuli become chronic as it directly contributes to every chronic illness mentioned. Regarding our efforts to lose weight and shed fat, perhaps the most pertinent component of this stress response to understand is that toxic stimuli result in stress hormones being released, like cortisol. When the toxic input is chronic, the result is predictable weight gain, particularly around our entire mid-section from our chest to our knees. Sound familiar? Unless you're aware of this and address the cause, you will have a very difficult time ever shedding these excess pounds of fat because they're the result of a normal physiological adaptation to the toxic environment in your body. Also, in order for your body to keep making more stress hormones to support the chronically toxic conditions you're providing, you will crave more sugar and more fat. How's that for sabotaged efforts? What does this mean for you and your weight loss efforts? Toxic choices will make you fat and keep you fat! Unhealthy, too. So, what are toxic choices? Maybe it's easier to start with addressing what "pure" choices are: real food like natural protein sources, vegetables, fruit, healthy fats & oils and water. Whole foods, foods closest to their naturally occurring state, pure foods lacking toxins and fresh foods that are often raw. Toxic choices are plentiful in today's food supply. Toxic simply means that it works against the innate needs of our cells and triggers that stress response. Some of the biggest toxic offenders are: high fructose corn syrup, any artificial sweetener, artificial colors and flavors, trans fats, hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats and oils, modern soy foods, refined grains, conventional dairy and meats.