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by Jerome Princy (2019-10-17)

Have smaller portion sizes You Leptitox Review need to reduce your portion sizes and maybe eat 5-6 smaller meals than 3 main meals. This is because your body's metabolism works in such a manner that it stores the excess calories that you cannot burn as fat deposits which is what shows up as fat in your midsection. But when you eat smaller meals, it can be readily converted to muscle as opposed to fat and therefore will help you achieve a more toned body. Reduce stress: Increasingly, studies have proven that stress leads to an unhealthy eating style which in turn can be a big contributing factor to obesity. So, if you are looking at fat loss, then you need to keep your mind pleasant and free of worries. A fat tummy can be especially difficult to get rid of. The problem is that when you put on weight, the stomach and midriff is where you put it on first. This has the effect of making your tummy seem even bigger in proportion to the rest of your body, but it also means that there is simply more fat to get rid of from this region. That's why you need a bit of extra help if you are to get rid of tummy fat, and that's where these simple tips can really help. Eat Smaller Meals More Regularly. That's right, this might seem to fly in the face of logic but you need to eat more meals. The secret is to keep the portions smaller, so that you eat 5 or 6 smaller meals evenly spaced out through the day rather than having 3 large meals. This will help keep your metabolism firing at its maximum rate and ensure that your weight loss is accelerated. Drink plenty of fresh, cold water. Again, the tip here is to drink cold water as this not only tastes better, but it also boosts your metabolism by as much as 20% Get exercising. Now this may seem like obvious advice but its about the quality, not the quantity, of exercising that you do. First of all, don't worry about having to spend hours in the gym. This might actually do more harm than good, as you will be much more prone to injury when you first start out. You really need to exercise in short sharp bursts, targeting those abs for maximum effect. Sit ups and crunches are excellent ways to get rid of your fat tummy but don't limit yourself to these exercises alone. A more rounded regime will be more fun and the general weight loss that you achieve will mean your tummy fat will be reduced in any case. You only need to exercise for 15-20 minutes a day, once a day to see almost immediate results when combined with your new eating plan. Don't eat late at night. I recommend that you don't eat anything at least 2 hours before bedtime. Your body stores fat while you are asleep, and your metabolism slows right down, so sleeping on a even a small meal can undo a lot of your good work through the day.