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by Alisa Princy (2019-10-17)

There are as many different definitions Individualogist Review for the Qabalah as there are ways of work with it. As a symbolic representation of the universe it must be infinite in order to be adequate. And our spiritual souls are a small remakes, models of that system. So like many Qabalistic teachings pronounce 'In man are all things hidden.' There are three different systems which are used as a means to interpret and explain, reveal, uncover, or establish new words, meanings of words, and ideas. These three systems work in a way that number corresponds into a letter with has yet another meaning. You can run the word courage through a certain permutation and find that in some way, it comes out as directly connected with the meaning of the word splendour. Another is a means of utilizing initials of certain words to create more meanings and more words. The three systems are called Gematria pronounced (Gee-Muh-treeya), Notariqon,(Noh-tore-con) and Temurah(the-murah). These are fairly complicated procedures. It is also the system which was used to write the Bible. The primary one, used to write the Bible, was Gematria. After reading that paragraph you can now see the reason for the spell check humor in the title. Beyond that, the Tarot Cards are considered a pictorial representation of the Qabalah. The Tarot (Tay-roh) is an extensive and complete, added extension of this in picture form and in a card system. It can also be used as an elaborate way of recognizing spiritual evolvement and as stations of progression.