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7 day Prayer Miracle

by Alisa Princy (2019-10-16)

If you really want something, you 7 day Prayer Miracle Review will work hard to achieve it. Difficult and scary as it may be to face an uncertain path filled with possibilities of defeat, you have to set your focus. It is easy to get distracted by things that will throw you off balance and out of the way of making your dreams a reality. But when you know you want something so bad then you muster up your strength of will and heart, drive yourself within arms length to sweet success. Perseverance is something that is not acquired. It is something within you that you have to bring out. Perseverance is not handed out. It is something that you have to discover, hone and use. No one has ever discovered success by giving up. A winner is not a quitter. When everything else seem to go against you, when the tide has gone high, all you can hold on to is the will to go on. By not giving up, by seeing through the good despite the countless bad and by getting up after every downfall is how to succeed despite the odds. So, here we are once again embarking on an adventure. We are holding hands and frolicking down that street. You know that street, right? The street is called Stepping Stone ST... Most who know me know I detest taking a step back. I do not believe in the theory of taking a step back to take 10 forward. That's only 9 steps people. I'll take the genuine 10 any day. Let me jump off of this soap box and jump on a larger one...