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No-BS Manifesting Course

by Regina Fancy (2019-10-15)

The last thing to have to be a successful person is the No-BS Manifesting Course Review willingness to take risks and play with your luck. Of course this will lead to the possibility of loss, but business is always full of risks. One thing is for sure, you need to have an attitude to be a successful person.How do you define successful people? Og Mandino, in "The Greatest Salesman In The World," defined success as meeting ones goals - whatever they may be. Sounds good to me. Given that definition, what do successful people have in common?I was challenged to write, in 500 words or less, an answer to that question. Here goes.They're lucky - if you define luck as the intersection where preparation, opportunity, action and optimism, with a healthy dose of knowledge and prospecting - all come together.They know you gotta do the work to succeed. No silver bullets. Picasso was asked by a lady in Paris to sketch her likeness. He did. He charged her $5000. She protested that a five minute sketch for $5000 seemed excessive. He replied " Madame, not five minutes, but a lifetime."They're attractive. Their sense of opportunity and optimism attracts things to them - relationships, opportunity, luck - you name it. Some of the most attractive top people aren't - by any stretch - Hollywood good looking - but that doesn't matter.