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Sonus Complete

by Francene Frayer (2020-06-05)

Holistic medicine recognizes Sonus Complete that humans, mind, body, and spirit, are composed of many interconnected systems that function together as a whole. When one part or system is not functioning properly, the whole person is affected, including all parts and systems. As a further matter, people are exposed to the effects of the environmental factors around them. For illustration, many people have performance anxiety when speaking before an audience, experiencing dry mouth or stomach churning or both. On another level, when someone consumes fast food too often, undesired weight-gain may result, or when someone consistently suppresses anger or frustration, the elevated stress may become manifest as headaches or even tinnitus. The main idea here is that we people make choices all the time that comprise our lifestyle. Some choices like nicotine, drugs, alcohol, and negative attitudes are well known for adverse effects. Certain other choices may affect some people adversely, while not other people. For instance, the tinnitus symptoms of one person may be made worse by ingesting salt, while eating salt has no adverse effect on another. Usually we humans give little consideration to the many choices we make each day. They may even seem insignificant, yet so many of our health problems come as a result of the seemingly small daily choices that we make.

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