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Ultra Manifestation

by Francene Frayer (2020-04-18)

The human soul is that Ultra Manifestation Review intrinsic life force which keeps us alive. It gives life to the body. Spirit, on the other hand, gives power to the soul. The spirit energy in the human body provides the raw material with which the soul works. It supplies the vitality the soul requires for any effective accomplishment. And in addition to activating our souls, spirit also provides us with the will to live. Human beings everywhere are united in spirit and soul. Such unity understandably exists because the soul is the universal essence of life. And the soul essence is a great vibratory force attuned with the spirit essence in all of us. Through spirit and soul, we are closely and essentially connected with the whole universe. We are component parts of a whole mass of human civilization, bonded inextricably by these great powers. In truth and in fact, spirit drives us in all our actions. And the soul guides us in taking those actions that are good. There are two principles of human action: the intellect and appetite. We are able to perform a variety of distinctly human acts by virtue of the fact that we possess intellectual and appetitive powers. The intellect, which is a faculty of the soul, is the supreme cognitive power in humans. And the will, which is an expression of spirit, is the supreme appetite in humans. Both intellect and will are equally important in our psychological constitution. You must always keep in mind that your soul is the primary source of all spiritual and intellectual powers. That latent force within you is the internal principle by which you live, perceive and think.

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