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Easy Cellar

by Sylvie Pinley (2020-04-17)

Keep the Fire Small Keep indoor fires small Easy Cellar and never leave then unattended. Chimney fires are caused by creosote build-up on the inside of the chimney igniting and sweeping up the chimney, so by keeping the fire small, you can reduce the chance of having a chimney fire.Know the Warning Signs of a Chimney Fire What to watch for: a loud roaring sound, the sound and vibration of shaking pipes, and wind-like sucking sounds. If you notice any of these signs, you probably are having a chimney fire. If a chimney fire does begin, close the fireplace's air vents and close the damper to cut off the fire's air supply. Leave the house and call fire department fro a neighbor's phone.Beware the After-burn Just because the fire is our doesn't mean the danger is over. Excessive heat may have started an unnoticeable smoldering between the walls and this smoldering may re-ignite hours later, causing a house fire. Always have the fire department do a thorough check of the chimney and walls even if you were able to put the fire out on your own Although this is so, it cannot be directly concluded that there could indeed be a reversal of the geomagnetic poles or the actual planet itself. The least we can state is that it is among the rarest among all the phenomena known to mankind, and its occurrence would be another thing to be noted in history. Many scientists state that even if these things happen, humans should not really face extinction because these happenings have no known damaging effects that have been proven to occur in our planet.Many unexplained cataclysmic events have been attributed to this concept, the evidences of which are still lacking in credibility. And so, the least we could do is to be prepared of whatever might come in the future. Being aware of our surroundings, whether on a micro-scale or a universal scale, is integral in keeping the human race alive. Basically, this is the point of all our efforts to learn more about the earth we live in and all the other factors concerning it.


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