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Age Defying Energy

by Francene Frayer (2020-08-21)

In order to minimize wrinkles Age Defying Energy or reverse them, you might want to consult your spiritual advisor, if you think it will take a miracle. But, regardless of how bad your skin's appearance is today, you can improve it without divine intervention. In fact, clinical studies indicate that the worse you look, the better your results will be. The volunteers in these trials have been of various ages. Some were in their thirties, suffering from premature wrinkling caused by overexposure to the sun. Others were close to 80 with problems like huge bags under the eyes and very dark circles, as well as crow's feet and laugh lines. The people with sun damage saw a big improvement after using a cream containing coenzyme Q10 for three months. Several studies have been conducted using that ingredient over the last years. The initial study was the first one to show that antioxidants could actually reverse free radical damage. Before that, we thought they could only prevent the damage from occurring, not reverse it.Free radical damage is the underlying cause of wrinkling, sagging, age spots and other outward signs of the aging process. In order to reduce or minimize wrinkles, it is important to keep free radical activity to a minimum.

How does Age Defying Energy Works?