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by pokeronline dewa (2020-01-24)

Megapoker99 True what is said bettor is that online poker games are fun to play but it is unknown that there is something to be feared until now namely online poker bots. The meaning of the bot is like a system robot that is intentionally included in the game table to defeat members.

So this is very bad for the members of course. Many regret this because it breaks the exciting game in poker. But that is only the assumption that members feel and experience events against robots that always win in each round. poker99

Keep in mind that the robot does not exist, maybe who has experienced only meet with senior players who are having great luck. Every online gambling site must make a game that is provided by fairplay to give confidence to its members. In the original game the player against the player there is no mixture of robots and other things. As a site it has to be shown to everyone that convincing them and not believing in strange things.

Often encountered when playing poker maybe because of the many players who are good at this old game. For beginners it will be surprising to keep winning every round and rarely lose. Here the admin has collected criteria to avoid bots as below. dewapoker