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by Rosaria Wetzell (2020-08-18)

We kicked off at the beginning LumaSlim of the year with 96 people signing up, and 87 actually showing up for the first weigh-in, before photo, circumference measurements, and body fat testing. Every few weeks, participants were scheduled to weigh-in and re-test body fat. Of the starting 87 participants, the average body fat percentage was 32.7, with an average weight of 200 pounds. That's a lot of weight - about 17,400 pounds! And almost 5700 of it was pure fat, which figures to almost 20 million calories; a huge amount of energy. I've noticed some very interesting patterns during the course of the challenge - patterns that anyone with weight loss aspirations or fitness goals will find quite intriguing. Let's take a look at how things finished up this last week. Pay close attention towards the end - it's absolutely amazing. Of the 87 folks who participated in that first weigh-in, only 41 actually showed up for the final weigh-in. That's only 47% of the individuals who started! The total starting weight of those 41 individuals was 8081 pounds, and based on their starting body fat percentage, the total number of fat pounds was 2626. Those 41 people combined for almost 500 pounds of weight loss, with nearly 400 of those pounds as fat! They burnt almost one and half million fat calories! And then they simply grazed, throughout the day, on several small servings of these delicious and wholesome foods. This resulted in stabilized blood sugar levels, avoided "starvation" mode, and kept the body's metabolic fire constantly burning. So don't fret about food! Just surround yourself with the proper items, show a moderate amount of self-control, and the rest takes care of itself...continued on back...

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