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Spiritual Laws Of Money

by Francene Frayer (2020-08-12)

There was a school-wide popular Spiritual Laws Of Money game called [racial slur omitted] in which if a white kid touched an Indian he would have to do 50 push-ups. Of course the unruly testosterone-filed teenager I was, I got sick of this treatment and went out of my way to touch every kid that rubbed me the wrong way. The other kids retaliated by stealing my clothes & shoes during gym and peeing on them. This was a 2 year ordeal in which teachers and other authority figures never intervened." "I was once up for the role of Jesus in a community production of Jesus Christ Superstar, but apparently this caused a bit of a local uproar. Some girl even told me to my face that she was completely offended that a brown-man would even be considered to play Jesus." "My parents were helpful, all though their generation's philosophy seems to be 'Ignore It and Don't Speak Up for Fear of the White Man's Wrath.' I have quite the mouth on me and am sure I've embarrassed them my share [laughs]. They knew what to say to help get situations out of my mind though. My father came here from India in the 60s to go to school in Florida, so he knows racism [smiles]." "If you asked me at fifteen I probably would have joined whatever the South Asian equivalent of the Black Panthers would have been. Thankfully my emotions came out in some lucrative guitar riffs instead. Once I hit puberty though, started attracting girls, and joined a band, I was having too much fun to be concerned with anger. "

How Do Spiritual Laws Of Money Work?