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Speak and Inspire

by Francene Frayer (2020-08-10)

Finish the job. My son last Speak and Inspire week had cleared some ice off the back stairs and tossed the chunks down in a stairwell where the drain is. When the big melting happens, those chunks could have created a back-up and a flood in my basement. Underlying Lesson - Breaking the ice apart is wonderful, but not sufficient. See it through to completion as best as you are able. Otherwise you might end up with small mountains of hardened, clumped ice that are much harder to break apart than flat, smooth ice. Incompletions block our ability to fully release what we created the breakthrough for in the first place. Working, salting, hacking, clearing the ice was hard work, but my path was now clear. With ice on the walk, I had to walk slowly, shuffling to keep my weight over my feet, not trusting the ground I was walking on. But with the ice now cleared I can walk safely. My feet are on the ground. I can walk more quickly without fear of slipping and breaking anything. My eyes are forward, not down. Underlying Lesson - Our internal work is so vital and necessary. It clears our path so we can walk with ease, speed, power and be who we really are in the world. The fact that the ice will build-up again in future isn't a concern. We have the tools to clear it!

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