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Tact Bivvy

by Francene Frayer (2020-07-31)

The Japanese people are currently Tact Bivvy experiencing tremendous loss of life and destruction of property, and are in danger of a nuclear disaster. The news coverage of the tsunami rushing through the coastline of Japan, destroying everything in the path of the wave, is overwhelming. Right now, they are in danger of a core meltdown at one of the power plants. My brother, Jeff and his girlfriend Diane were able to travel to Haiti one year ago after the earthquake. They volunteered with a project through his church, associated with Mission of Hope, and located about 10 miles northwest of Port-au-Prince. After arriving in Haiti, they were in shock at the situation. "The first thing we saw when we landed was the extreme need for food," Jeff said. He told of long lines where people waited for hours for a meal. "People had set up tent cities, and there were thousands of blue tarps," he said. "The earthquake damage was massive; there was rubble as far as you could see." Mission of Hope has a school, a church, a medical clinic and an orphanage all established back in 1998. Jeff was impressed with the operation. "It is expanding its orphanage from 60 to 240 children. This year they will teach 2,600 young people in their school. It has a clinic open five days a week that treats about 60 patients a day."

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