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Ultra Manifestation

by Francene Frayer (2020-07-25)

What makes things even more Ultra Manifestation complex, and causes all sorts of problems when it comes to understanding, is that people think that knowledge can provide experience. That if you read a lot about a subject then you will be able to understand that subject. This isn't accurate... but it isn't false either. What you will in truth end up with is an intellectual understanding of the information. Even though both contain the word understanding... they are very distant cousins at best. Lets take a moment to look at a simple example to help you wrap your head around this. If you read every book published on pain does that mean you know what it's like to have a ruptured disk in your low back? Does it give you the ability to know what the pain of child birth feels like? Of course not! This is intellectual understanding. You do indeed have the knowledge gained from the information and have the experience of reading it all... and thus you can understand the "information". Never having actually been there and done that however... you can't even begin to imagine what those things are actually like.

How Does Ultra Manifestation Works?