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Immediate Youth

by Sylvie Pinley (2020-07-24)

In Jenna's case, she was advised to apply both a Immediate Youth moisturizer and ointment several times a day, and to wrap her legs in cellophane every evening once they were sufficiently creamed. Within a few months her condition improved to the point where the scales were no longer visible at all. "I literally have been given back my life," she says. Blackheads, Pimples, Whiteheads And Other Blemishes - What Are They?If you've ever wondered why nature cursed you with a troublesome complexion, then you've no doubt spent time wondering exactly how certain complexion problems such as blackheads find their way into our skin in the first place and which is the best way to remove blackheads from your skin. Well, the first thing to note straight away is this - blackheads, pimples or whiteheads are not a result of poor hygiene. This is a myth, an unhelpful myth too as it causes people to focus on the wrong thing when attempting to tackle the problem.Blackheads are caused when the skin's pores become blocked. Normally, the pores are open, allowing sweat to pass through to the skin's surface. Day-to-day dirt and grime can block the pores. Once the pore is blocked, oils that protect the skin become impacted behind the blockage, leading to a build up. This is a blackhead. The black head itself is the accumulation of dirt that hasn't been able to leave the skin's surface naturally. A pimple is when a blackhead or blocked pore becomes inflamed and tender. A whitehead is when a blocked pore becomes infected.Blackheads are unsightly and everyone wants to find the best way to remove blackheads. But what is the best technique to rid blackheads from the skin?


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