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by Rosaria Wetzell (2020-07-22)

The Hoodia cactus LumaSlim molecule P57 works on your hypothalamus a part of your brain that is rich in nerve cells that check your blood glucose levels. When there are sufficient levels of blood sugar these nerves trigger the feeling of fullness. Hoodia Cactus molecules trick these nerve endings in the brain and so you have the results of appetite suppressant; the properties that Hoodia Gordonii cactus is known for. Hoodia suppresses hunger and cravings, as well as the need for water, so it is important if you are taking the Hooida diet supplement, to drink sufficient water so that your body will not get hydrated as a result. You may have heard about the new Alli Diet Pill because they have been advertising it all over the place. The FDA approved this over the counter wight control pill which is designed to help you lose weight safely. It is a version of the prescription Oelistat which is made for over weight adults. The main claim with the alli pill is that if you use it along with dieting you can lose 50% more weight than if you just diet. It is also recommended that you use the pill with a low fat diet along with an exercise plan to get the maximum weight loss results. As far as the side affects go there does not seem to be any major ones and the FDA stated that there may be a change is bowel patterns. You may have loser stools than normal but this is standard when it comes to dietary products. It also stresses that if you are diabetic you shoulf not take the alli pill because it can disrupt your sugar. It has great sales numbers for a new over the counter diet pill and also there has been a large ad campaign that has been promoting the great results that customers have been experiencing with there weight loss.

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