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Secret Death Touches

by Francene Frayer (2020-07-20)

Most people who attempt success wind Secret Death Touches up quitting. Some call them "90-day wonders". Or they will get side tracked onto another new business opportunity, never settling down on anything concrete. These are called "lifers". This is because they do not have a dream, a reason, a goal or a burning desire inside them. Real visionaries do not quit! While most people quit when success was just around the corner real winners do not give up. You have to convince yourself that you will have your desired dream if you will persist. Average people don't fail much. This is because only people who attempt great things fail. They fail a lot but they don't quit. And with every failure that you have it leaves the foundation for an equal opportunity for success the next time around. Those who get back up on their feet swinging and start all over again eventually succeed providing that they work smart. A burning desire and the faith to go after your dream can be obtained through a simple 6-step system. (You can get this amazing 6-step system or formula for free by visiting my bio below.) action creates belief and belief creates desire and desire makes it all happen in your favor. This is how wealthy men become wealthy. If you truly build up a burning desire for a set amount of money or a specific "thing" you will be able to convince yourself that it will be yours.

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