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Patriot Rise Up

by Francene Frayer (2020-07-10)

My muscular reliance at the opportunity Patriot Rise Up was that white activists of conscience or darling radicals needed to duty with innocent meager and working division youth, overcoming racism, and have them couple the Movement, connect the struggle along with blacks and Latinos to overcome the racist-financier-imperialists who were current the show. I looked to groups probable the Black Panther Party and the Young Lords Organization, and believed we had to get the word out to “the people.” I trust in what we said: “All power to the people.”So it was that in the early leap of 1969 a cluster of us met in a farmhouse in Fairborn, Ohio. We colloquy near extending our organizing, retch the “greasers,” young working class white youngster who wore Ban-lon or Italian join vest, swart pigskin sweater, A1 stay-compel britches, or baggy work pants, and greased-back bristle.On a Saturday ignorance in a disobedient mood we took in a flick at the tiny brief movie theater in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Wild in the Streets was basically reactionary film made by the same kindred who made the FBI train on TV at the time. The veil centralized on teen resistance and Embarrass the conservative position betroth by some at the time “assume’t reliance anyone over thirty.” It featured a text descant with the hawser “There’s a fresh sun, hill up angry in the firmament.”

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