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Cerisea Medica

by Francene Frayer (2020-06-06)

Causes of Neck Pain - If you are Cerisea Medica suffering from cervical pain, then the theory behind the cause of your pain in most cases, if not caused by a particular medical condition, would be muscle fatigue, which is caused by stress, tension and most time misuse the neck tissues. The Structure of the Neck - Seven vertebrae constitutes the building block of the spine in the cervical or neck vertebrae which surrounds the canal and spinal cord. Discs are found between the vertebrae and nearby pass the nerves of the neck. The neck structures also include arteries, neck muscles, lymph, thyroid gland, trachea, esophagus, veins, parathyroid glands, and larynx. It should be noted that diseases or any sort of conditions that affect any of the mentioned tissues of the neck could lead to pain. The Diagnosis - To diagnose the cause, it is important to check the history of the symptoms. In checking the history, the doctor notes the intensity, location, radiation, and duration of your pain and any previous injury to your neck is noted. Relieving and/or aggravating motions or positions are recorded. Your neck is also examined at rest and motion. Palpation of the neck is detected through tenderness. Your nervous system is examined so as to check if nerve involvement is present.

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