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by Reta Masten (2020-04-21)

They can stay out in the sun for hours, days, even years Hydrolift Review and get away without damage. But if you're blond and blue-eyed, look out. The sun will destroy you. If you're interested in preventing aging skin you've got to cover up when you're outdoors.A famous dermatologist who has had many of the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes as patients gave them the best advice she could think of. She told them to dress like beekeepers when they went out of doors. If they wanted to have show business careers, they had to cover up every inch of themselves. You cannot be a showgirl with brown spots or any other sun damage.It may be too late for you to look perfect, but now that you know better you should make every child that crosses your path aware of what the sun can do to their skin. There's no need to scare them with skin cancer stories, I'm merely talking about preventing aging skin. Don't we all wish someone had clued us in when we were young?