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Uncompromised Life

by Uncompromised Life6 (2020-03-30)

Creating affirmations is not Uncompromised Life Review hard, but is a little tricky. Each affirmation must be stated in the positive and in present tense. Here are a few steps for creating affirmations List the negative thought or things you would like to change about yourself. Today is going to be hard.. or I'm dreading today.. or I'm too tired. I never do anything right.. or I hate the way I look.. or I can't do that. This job is too hard for me.. or I don't know enough.. or I should never have said I'd do this. I'm making this a great day! I have plenty of energy. I like myself. I like my body. I like the way I look. I know I'm doing a good job. I bring great value to my company (family, organization, etc.) Repeat the affirmation while you're driving your car, taking a walk or anytime during the day. With consistency, you will stop thinking the old thoughts, embrace the new, and change your behavior. *To help the affirmations have a greater effect, look in the mirror when you say them. Believing in yourself is perhaps the single most important action you can take. A coaching client was trapped in an unloving, destructive marriage. She kept trying to make it work through therapy and long discussions with her husband. She worried about doing the right thing for her children and being fair to her husband. Finally, after several months of coaching, she came to believe that she and her children deserved a better life. Her belief led her to a new home and a whole new outlook on life. She believed in herself. She stopped listening to the voice in her head, her family and her husband, and took action. Remember: I am. I can. I will. Remember your vision? Be sure to write it down. It can be a simple statement. Put it in the present tense and specific. Now think it through. "What do I need to be doing to make it a reality?" Setting milestones will provide the focus that will help keep you headed toward your dream. Follow these steps to be ready to get to work on your dream this week: Step 1 Your 3-year vision is stated in terms of 'XXX' number of satisfied clients/customers with $XXXX in revenue and a good work-life balance (or whatever you want to strive for). Ask yourself, 'What will I need to have accomplished in the next year to be on track for the 3-year goal?' Write a 1-year vision that is stated in the same terms, but with incremental numbers such as 'X' number of satisfied clients/customers with $XX in revenue and a good work-life balance.