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DNA Scalper

by DNA Scalper15 (2020-03-18)

First it's like you have a DNA Scalper Review commercial playing 24 hours a day 365 days a year! The best part is you only pay for it once! Anyone can look up your restaurant and watch your video. Videos also get ranked pretty fast. This means that you can be in front of a lot of people quickly. Second you know where your audience is. This is huge. Would you rather put an ad in the phone book where you hope someone will turn to your page and see you ad? Or would you rather know that people are going to watch you video, and have them see you invite them into your restaurant personally? Third, it's cheap! For less than the price that you would pay for an ad in the phone book, you can have a video made, edited, produced, and marketed on the internet! That is a lot for a little bit. Generating quality traffic to your business whether it be online or offline is hugely important "critical" some might say. In simple terms, if you don't have any traffic then no one knows about it, if no one knows about your product or service then quite simply no one will purchase it! No matter how fancy your sales / capture page is, how strong your close of sale is or how powerful your product is..... With NO traffic it is all irrelevant. The quality of your traffic is of course very important as well, advertising on "FREE" traffic sites are not always the best option as they are primarily attracting people who don't want to pay for anything (Just my opinion). One of my favourite ways of generating quality traffic is article writing. I find with article writing that you are preaching to likeminded people who are searching for info on your given field. For example - I write an article about what I consider to be the best method of puppy training, people will be reading that article because they have a genuine interest in finding out how to train there puppy... strange example maybe, but do you understand what I am trying to say? How does viral marketing work? Viral marketing is a very effective marketing tool, just look at hotmail as an example. Viral marketing may first sound dangerous as any word associated with virus and the internet is not good. However viral marketing is also called referral marketing and that is just what it is. Referral marketing is effective because of the increase in referrals; it works like a replicating virus.