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by Regina Fancy (2020-03-12)

People who eat quickly are twice as likely LumaSlim Review to be overweight than those who eat more sensibly. And people who eat quickly and eat too much are three times as likely to be overweight than those who eat more sensibly (1). Here are some tips to help you eat in a more controlled manner: Allocate 20 minutes for main meals and 10 minutes for snacks Put a jug of water on the table and sip the water throughout your meal Put your cutlery down between mouthfuls and increase the number of times you chew each mouthfulCut your food into small bite sized pieces and only eat one piece at a timeIncrease the number of times you chew your food before swallowingPause in the middle of meals or between coursesTalk during mealtimes - people who do so are often still eating after their companions have finished.By eating slowly you give your taste buds time to register the flavours in your food, you have more time to decide how much food you will eat and you experience a greater sense of control.Portion Your FoodMost people use visual cues to tell them when to stop eating, so when a big portion is placed in front of them they eat the whole lot (2). Some tips for limiting your portion sizes are:Serve yourself in medium sized portions from the stove (if your serve sizes are too small you will feel hungry and return for second helpings). Avoid placing dishes on the table as they encourage second helpings Eat your food from a plate to increase your awareness of how much you are eating. Avoid eating out of bags and containers - it is impossible to judge how much you have eaten