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by Regina Fancy (2020-03-11)

It is important to keep gestational StrictionD Review diabetes well under control to eliminate the chances of the mother and baby being affected in any manner. As pregnancy progresses, there are chances that blood sugar level may increase. The gynecologist has to refer the patient to a diabetes health care team to ensure proper care.Usually the diabetes health care team is comprised of a diabetes specialist, diabetes educator, endocrinologist and a dietitian. This team will work together and help the pregnant woman keep her blood sugar level under control. They may adjust the diabetes treatment in between, according to the progress or deterioration shown by the patient. The main aim of any pregnant woman is to deliver a healthy child. This can be achieved only when she is fit and healthy throughout the pregnancy period. Diabetes during pregnancy is not dangerous or alarming. It just needs proper care at the right time.Diabetes is a condition where enough insulin is not secreted or the secreted insulin is not utilized in a proper manner. During pregnancy, various hormones block the action of insulin. To cope up with the changes that occur during pregnancy, your body needs to produce more insulin. When your body is not able to produce, the extra amount of insulin needed then you gradually develop gestational diabetes. This type of diabetes generally begins only in the second phase. Diabetes during pregnancy usually disappears after the birth of the baby. If the diabetes continues after childbirth it means that diabetes was already in existence even before pregnancy.