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Manifestation Magic

by Cynthia Richards (2019-10-17)

Then a thought came to me that said why Manifestation Magic Review not ask God? I have never done that, ever! So I said, "Holy God, what do you want me to have to eat?" I heard in my spirit Kentucky Fried Chicken just as I was approaching one. I pulled into the lot but there were about 5-6 cars ahead of me; in our area of Maine that is a major traffic Jam! As I pulled up to the menu, I didn't see anything that I felt I would like, including the Taco Bell stuff. So I pulled out of the lot and drove down the street to Wendy's, which I thought was a Burger King. I decided to stop in to make a waterhole break. As I was heading to the men's room I looked over to the menu and noticed Wendy's only serves coke. I took the Pepsi test and love Pepsi, way more! I didn't notice anything that I would really enjoy. At the conclusion of the men's room stop a thought came to me that said, "I told you to go to KFC and you will be pleasantly surprised."