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Cinderella Solution

by Jerome Princy (2019-10-16)

Weight lifting develops muscles Cinderella Solution Review and it is better to carry more muscles on your body than fat. This is because muscles burn more calories than the body fat does. Weight lifting develops more muscles for you to burn more calories. Since reducing a fat stomach is a formidable and time-consuming affair, there is no point in taking stock of the weight lost in quick intervals. But to achieve the desired results, you should have commitment and patience to pursue your mission unflinchingly. The initial euphoria you have when you see reduction in your fats due to your reduction of your food intake will not last long. This is because after this diet reduction is done for a few days, your metabolism makes suitable adjustment to this diet program and your body refuses to respond further to your efforts to ensure that the body fat is reduced and weight is lost in quick time. There is a secret behind this. When your body observes that there is a reduction in the intake of food, it produces a hormone called leptin that sends a signal to your brain that your body is deprived of enough food. Your body then makes suitable adjustments to its metabolism so that energy is stored in the form of fat for its maintenance. This is the reason for your body not responding further even if you continue with your fat-losing efforts. To counter this, you must deceive your body by passing on a message to it that it is getting the same quantity of food and nutrition and there is no change in the diet pattern. This can be done by eating sumptuous and square meals intermittently. By doing so, the body will tend to think that there is no change in the diet pattern and hence there is no necessity for it to store fat for its maintenance. But if you do not do this "deceiving" exercise, you will find that further results are not forthcoming and this will discourage you in your efforts to reduce your fat. You are not exactly "cheating" on your body but you are out-smarting your body by eating belly full intermittently. The body metabolism does not undergo any change due to this and hence your fat is burned and weight is lost in quick time as desired. There is yet another way to trick your body. You should vary the calories you eat frequently, so that the body metabolism does not get affected. Of course, the calories should be well within the limits you have set so that your body fat is reduced.