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Subliminal Guru

by Jerome Princy (2019-10-15)

A huge bank balance or asset Subliminal Guru Review register is never more important than your MIND balance (COGNITIVE POWER). The reason is that you can always CREATE wealth when you increase in WISDOM. Wisdom Deficiency always seeks to push you against the wall of poverty and lack. In all your getting and hoarding, get the PRINCIPAL thing, get wisdom. This helps you create more and maintain all you have built to date. Sometimes when asked what the one thing we desire in life is, the obvious answers would be such things as power, money, relationships, influence and so on disregarding the all important wisdom. Wisdom is what makes all the things we desire a reality and possible to maintain. If you get all the power you need then you are an absolute danger to mankind if you do not have an ounce of wisdom as that power will corrupt you absolutely. The same goes for wealth without wisdom etc. You rather have wisdom as the only possession and then all that you will get will either grow or will be well maintained than lost. The problems that bother mankind to this day are linked to lack of wisdom. Every problem that exists is a wisdom related problem. Leaders of nations across the globe who lack wisdom run their nations down by tyrannical and autocratic methods. That's a sign that wisdom is lacking. In nations where wisdom abounds, everyone flourishes. Wisdom is contagious, when you have it, you can not afford to keep it to yourself. You feel like letting it go to the next person. Maturity is not age related, comes not only with acceptance of responsibility but also the increase in wisdom. Life is such that every experience (negative or positive) builds up the wisdom bank in your mind, The next time someone else faces a similar situation you are better positioned to advise or give words of wisdom. When you understand this fact you will realize you are not just living your life for you only but also for those around you. Spread the wisdom around your community by availing yourself to coach and mentor others. The more you keep wisdom to yourself the less the impact we make on those around you. You must have a never ending desire for more wisdom and a propensity to share all you have received. If no one takes the liberty and initiative to share their own wisdom then sooner or later there will be no wisdom going around. Take action, take responsibility and share your wisdom with others. Nothing beats a man or woman who is CONVINCED, CONVICTED and COMMITTED to a CAUSE. We can tell how far you will go by what powers you. Your engine capacity (internal VALUE system) spells out your DESTINY coordinates. You have no one to blame but yourself if you end up at someone else's destination. Commit to your PURPOSE, your PATH and your PLAN rather than spend time observing other people's PROGRESS. Many times we attempt to do things but we do not have a deep seated commitment and conviction about what we do. We do things to merely spend time and see another day but not to intentional leave a mark or an impact. We act while harboring doubts about the outcomes hence we are not convinced enough.