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Erase My Back Pain

by Regina Fancy (2019-10-14)

American's consume 30 billion over-the-counter pain Erase My Back Pain Review killers each year. Doctors write another 70 million prescriptions for pain medications yearly. If pain killers were a good long-term solution, or the only solution, we could drop the subject right there. But NSAID's (Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs) are damaging to the GI tract, kidneys and liver. Approximately 107,000 are hospitalized each year for NSAID related gastrointestinal problems. At least 16,500 NSAID related deaths occur each year among arthritis sufferers alone. Worst of all, did you know research shows that NSAID's, when taken long term, actually cause deterioration of the cartilage in joints.So while over the counter or prescriptive pain killing drugs may be necessary for a while, they are not a good long term solution. The better solution is treatments and remedies that promote your body's ability to heal an area of injury. When it does so the inflammation resolves itself and the pain goes away.Question: Why would it be that wearing flat shoes (sneakers, flats, slightly raised platforms, etc) would make my feet hurt, specifically my heels and the back of my calves, but when I wear high heels I have no pain? People always say that wearing high heels are supposed to hurt your feet, but they actually make me feel better because I do not have the sharp pain in my calves and left knee or the dull pain in my heels that I get from wearing flats. I have been wearing sneakers or flats for most of my life, it is only been the last year that I have started to wear high heels, mostly stilettos, and that my foot pain has gone away. However, when I wear the sneakers or flats, the pain is still here. Also my heels are highly calloused, and have been since at least the age of 15 (I am 27 now)