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Fungus Hack

by Regina Fancy (2019-10-03)

With the release of Christopher McDougall's book "Born to Run" Fungus Hack Review in 2009, the debate over the benefits and drawbacks of barefoot running has been ignited in the running and podiatric communities. The book centers on a tribe of "super runners", the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico and their ability to run massive amounts of miles while barefoot. The amazing speed and endurance of the Tarahumara acts as a testament to the success of barefoot running and lures several everyday runners in the book to also attempt the "barefoot" style by wearing only thin soled coverings on their feet.The temptation to try going barefoot is definitely there for runners looking to improve their performances; but there are some concerns to think about before tossing the old runner sneakers in the trash and hitting your toes to the pavement. In an article in "Runner's World Magazine", the famous runner Amby Burfoot interviews sports podiatrist-biomechanist and long-time runner Kevin Kirby, D.P.M. and barefoot running advocate "Barefoot Ken Bob" Saxton on the pros and cons of running barefoot (Runner's World Article - "The Barefoot Running Debate")."Barefoot Ken" agrees with the ideas supported by the Tarahumara runners in "Born to Run" in that he believes that it feels more natural, naturally strengthens foot and leg muscles and thus prevents injury and improves running speed. Dr. Kirby agrees that occasional "barefoot" running with some type of protective shoes or on a safe surface could be beneficial to some people for strengthening leg and foot muscles and offering a change up while training.