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The Bad Boy Blueprint

by Regina Fancy (2019-10-01)

Do you know one of the biggest errors men often make The Bad Boy Blueprint Review in approaching a woman? You have worked to build up enough confidence to approach her. You have gathered up your nerve and decided it is now or never. You then quickly approach her feeling like you are walking confidently, and she turns away. Your quick approach triggers a completely different response in her. She could feel apprehensive and fearful at your bold approach and turn away in defense. She may feel your quick approach looks exactly as you feel, rushing through your nervousness. You need to approach casually, head up, eyes looking towards her, with your friendly smile. Approach her just like you would going over to say hello to your best friend. You might even pause to greet a different friend on your way over, but always keeping your motion and attention directed towards her.This style of movement is a powerful portion of your body language to attract women. It shows confidence, friendliness, and does not intimidate. You are letting her know she has your attention but not making her pull back in concern. Stay confident, and begin to chat with her. You will discover your confident approach has opened the door to a relaxed and easy introduction.When we seem to fall for the same type over and over (whether in terms of how they look or how they act, behave, etc) there could be some biological or psychological trigger in play. Sometimes, for example, we instinctively feel attracted to those with whom biologically we'd make 'beautiful children', even if we have no intention of having children. Such attraction has very little to do with who we are and what type of person would truly make us happy. It's just biology.